windows 10 pro vs windows 10 home

Windows 10,windows 10 pro.

Welcome to my first article. In this article. I will tell you which operating system is best for You. Windows 10 Pro vs Windows 10 Home. If you like this article, write a comment. Windows is the most used operating system. And you bought a new laptop or desktop. and you want to know which operating system best for you. I will help you which operating system will be good for you.


BitLocker is Microsoft’s software that encrypts the drive’s data and keeps it secure from hackers and unauthorize user. This feature only available on Windows 10 Pro This feature will not be available for your Windows 10 Home. you have to keep your data safe then you should install Windows 10 Pro

2. Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is Cool Feature in Windows 10 Pro. But you do not get this feature in Windows 10 Home. You can remotely access Windows Pro from Windows 10 Home but you can not access Windows 10 Home remotely. for that, you can use third-party software.

3. Hyper V

Hypervisor technology is software on which multiple virtual machines can run, with the hypervisor layer controlling the hardware and allocating resources to each VM operating system. Hyper-V is the virtualization platform. This feature gives you a Windows 10 Pro, but you can not get it on Windows 10 Home, but you can run virtual machines by using third party software. Your hardware should be capable, it uses enough resources.

4. Conclusion

So you might be thinking that the feature that is Windows 10 Pro is that you can add that feature to third-party software. Like replacing bitlocks with a second encryption software and replacing the remote desktop with a team viewer. You can use VM ware instead of hyper v. So why do we pay extra to Microsoft for all these features but this is not something I can tell you here is some internal inbuilt feature that you can not add. Windows 10 Pro can be used for small and large business. And it has a lot of features like Active Directory, group policy management, domain adding and Windows 10 Pro comes with lots of features, I recommend you use Windows 10 Pro
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