How to save mobile data on Android app review


How to save mobile data on Android – hello, friends welcome to the new fresh article. Today I will tell you about Android Apps, which will save up to 50% of your mobile data. Your mobile data expires quickly. And you do not even know that the data has expired. If you want to monitor your data and want to see which app is consuming more data. And you want to block that app’s data. It shows you real-time data. This app is created by Google. Datally there is a lot of features in App that saves your data smartly.

Manage Data

You can monitor daily and monthly data in the management data, this will give you all the information about your data. You can see how much data is consumed by what app

Daily limit

Datally you can set the daily limit on the app and it is given a bedtime mode. You can also set up bedtime mode in bedtime mode when you sleep, will not consume any data

Emergency Bank

In this feature, if you want to save some data, you can use this feature to click on Add Balance Details.

Track hotspot

You are running the Internet with your friends from your hotspot. And you want your friend to use only a limited amount of data, you can do it with the help of track hotspot

Bubble tracker

With Bubble Tracker you can check the live data on your device. It provides live data tracking feature to you. With this help, you can save more data

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