Best Antivirus For PC Free Download

best antivirus for PC free download

Hello, friends Welcome to the new article. In this article, I will tell you about the 5 best antivirus for PC. If you are looking for free antivirus then this article will be very helpful for you. You must know that to keep the system safe from viruses, it is necessary to use antivirus. We all know how much antivirus is necessary for us. If you like this article please comment

Best Antivirus For PC Free Download

1. BitDefender

I have kept this antivirus on the 1st position. Its 500 million active users are Worldwide And this antivirus is very lightweight. This antivirus works very well for low-ram systems and it gives real protection to the virus. If you need a best antivirus for free I think it could be a good antivirus. download bitdefender


2. Avira

This antivirus gives lots of features free of charge. In this antivirus, you get very good features. This software gives you browsing protection and you can make your connection secure with VPN. If you like this antivirus, then you can also use the paid version of this antivirus. download Avira

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3. Avast

All know about this antivirus. and you can also use it, this antivirus is very popular. This is a user-friendly antivirus. And in this, you get quick updates. I have kept it on 3rd position because this antivirus does not give you browsing protection and. You can also get a paid version of it which will get all its features. download avast

4. AVG 

If you are a gamer, then this antivirus will be good for you. This antivirus I get you silent gaming feature Some kind of popups give antivirus while playing games on your screen but you can use it. Its silent gaming feature does not allow any popup on your screen. download AVG

5. Kaspersky

This antivirus I get you full protection suit. It provides antivirus protection browsing protection, parent control. If you need the full protection of your system then you should install this antivirus. download Kaspersky


Friends, you can install any one of this antivirus me, whatever you like. But I’ll recommend you if you need real protection then you should use Paid Antivirus. I Hope this post has helped you to find the best free antivirus for PC

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